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5 reasons to choose aluminium doors over PVCu

aluminium doors

Aluminium doors are becoming increasingly popular in the UK residential market. They are an excellent alternative to PVCu and offer the modern homeowner a wide range of benefits. At Elitis, we manufacture and supply both PVCu and aluminium doors. Both have their advantages for the installer and end user; which you prefer will depend on your requirements. This month we’re focussing on the benefits of aluminium doors. Here are five reasons to choose aluminium doors over PVCu

1. Improved durability

Although PVCu doors have a long life expectancy, aluminium is much more durable. Even in the most extreme weather conditions, the robust compound used in the manufacture of our aluminium doors will stay looking new and performing well for a much longer time.

2. Slimmer sight lines

Aluminium is inherently stronger than PVCu. This means that the frames can be much thinner and still support large panes of glass. This allows a wealth of natural light into a property; particularly suited to homes with impressive exterior views.

3. Increased versatility

Aluminium doors are often the product of choice for architects and installers who want increased flexibility. Aluminium profiles are more flexible than PVCu and can easily be fabricated into a variety of shapes and sizes including curves and arches. This provides a design versatility enabling better customisation options.

4. A wealth of colour options

While PVCu doors can be finished in a range of attractive and durable coloured foils; aluminium won’t be beaten for colour choice. Aluminium doors can be powder coated in over 200 RAL colours for the best in personalisation.

5. 100% recyclable

Aluminium is a 100% recyclable material. Perfect for the eco-conscious homeowner. By choosing aluminium doors, you will reduce your carbon footprint and help protect the planet by lowering harmful emissions.

If you’re considering aluminium doors as an option for your home, Elitis are the company top call. We have a wide range of aluminium doors for all types of application. For more information on our extensive product range call us on 0800 953 3633 or contact us online.