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Ultraroof 380

Ultraroof 380

The modern conservatory has come on leaps and bound since the “white box” conservatory days. However this doesn’t always mean that your existing conservatory needs to be torn down and a new one built in its place.

Thanks to replacement roof technology, you can easily update your conservatory without the financial outlay of an entirely new conservatory. The ultraRoof 380 by Ultraframe, is the latest replacement roof in the Elitis portfolio and incorporates all the main benefits you would expect from the UK’s foremost authority on conservatory roofs.

The ultraRoof 380 is exceptionally light, thermally efficient and can incorporate full rectangular glass panels in any position you wish.The roof can be installed in super quick fashion with it being water tight in 2 hours and completed in 6 hours meaning less upheaval to your day.

This video highlights just how quick and easy the ultraRoof 380 can be installed.

Thanks to its incredibly light nature, the ultraRoof 380 can be installed onto existing frames, in fact it only weighs a fraction more than a full glass roof! And if you’re looking to allow extra light into your conservatory, the addition of rectangular glass panels means that once again you don’t need unnecessary expenditure on roof lights.

The solid tile effect is available in three colours designed to match with most slated roofs you commonly find on houses. The ultraRoof 380 is designed to fit seamlessly onto Georgian, Edwardian, Victorian, Gable and lean to styles of conservatory.

So if you’re sitting in your conservatory pondering an update, take some time to think about a simple roof replacement. The effect can be life changing and at a fraction of the cost. For more details please contact us or to download a brochure click here.