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Solidor Composite Doors

Solidor Composite Doors

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Elitis are delighted to be able to supply the extensive collection from Solidor. Covering a myriad of styles and colour options, Solidor have built a range of doors designed to suit any possible requirement and have the flexibility to be turned into French doors if you wish.

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There isn’t anything more crucial to your home than security. Protecting your loved ones and your valuables is an absolute must and Solidor have approached those concerns with incredible diligence. You can choose from a range of high security locks from the usual key operated locking mechanisms to the more modern keyless digital locks. And don’t think that you have to forgo looks in the pursuit of security. The Heritage AV2 door lock satisfies the need for traditional looking rim latches on composite doors, yet with the benefit of high security, multipoint locking. The AV2 is seen as an upgrade from the standard Key Wind Up and traditional rim lock used on our doors. Up until now, modern multi-point locking systems haven’t lent themselves to doors that feature pull door furniture, particularly Georgian and Edwardian period doors and it has been a topic of discussion for the composite door sector.

Thanks to the way Solidor interpret the customers needs, the colours available are neatly split into standard, luxury and premium categories. Beautiful woodgrain finishes like Irish and Golden Oak, offer a traditional finish in the manner befitting of the more traditional style door sets.

For the more adventurous consumer, French Grey or Peacock Blue provides a touch of individuality and helps you create the perfect statement door.
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Not only do Elitis supply the Solidor range of composite doors, we provide the suite of door furniture also. From standard door knockers to monkey tail ironmongery and even elegant pull handles, you can add a stylish finishing touch to your composite door with ease.

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