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Extensions Plus Range

If you want an extension that avoids all of the hassle that is normally associated with home improvements, opt for our Extensions Plus Range and extensions that are manufactured, approved and quoted in advance. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Harlington Extension
Harlington fullThe Harlington Plus is the most configurable and versatile building regulation compliant extension product on the market. Incorporating Loggia Super Insulating columns and the stunning LivinROOF, the Harlington Plus boasts superior thermal performance and adaptability that no other extension can match.

Features & Benefits
Extremely thermally efficient, complies with Building Regulations – choose to keep the doors through into the house OR have them removed.
Creates a true extension with solid roof (add some glass panels if you like), super insulated Loggia columns combined with a plastered pelmet perimeter ceiling inside.
The Harlington utilises LivinROOF, the ONLY solid roof that can incorporate shaped glazing.
You can opt for various building shapes, colours and door and window configurations – all to suit the architectural style of your home.
Your Elitis installer takes care of the ‘red tape’ – hassle free project management from start to finish creates you the ultimate cosy extension.

Mottram Extension
Mottram FullThe Mottram Plus is a fully building regulation compliant extension allowing you to remove the connecting doors between your extension and home. Featuring a minimum of 8 Loggia Super insulated Columns and the LivinROOM pelmet, your first impression will be of superbly constructed elegance, and the lasting impression will be of an investment well made.

Features and Benefits
This is the first step to a true extension – with a minimum of 8 super insulated Loggia columns, it’s a very thermally efficient glass roofed building.
Providing structural support to the glass roof, the Loggia columns can be specified as large or small and with either plane or fluted claddings.
Combine this with one of four standard colours (or an infinite custom palette) and you have a truly amazing personalised space.
And by integrating stunning hard landscaping to integrate with the Loggia columns base details, a stunning extension is created.

Tatton Extension
Tatton FullThe Tatton Plus fuses the thermal properties of Loggia columns with the ultimate roofing solution – realROOF. The realROOF offers a magnificent vaulted plastered ceiling on the inside enhancing the feeling of space. It can be dressed on the outside with tiles or slates to exactly match those of your home. Fully Building regulation compliant means the Tatton Plus is supremely thermally efficient yet complementing to the style of any home.

Features and Benefits
A simplified range of extension shapes that perfectly lends itself to the ‘grand design’ home extension.
Large glazed expanses and bi-folding doors in contemporary colours like urban grey bring light into the adjacent room.
Its unique vaulted interior ceiling creates a true feeling of spaciousness – add roof windows for the ultimate WOW.
Your Tatton extension can feature any roof tile to perfectly integrate with the architecture of your home and street.
A really unique extension style with virtually no red tape.

Simple and flexible installations

Extensions Plus is an advanced living space system. Thanks to technical innovation, living spaces in the Extensions Plus range can be configured to suit a range of tastes and needs.

Benefit from simply and stylish rooms, with roofing of your choice – this makes it easy to match the inside and outside of the space to your existing home, and to your own personal taste.

All planned in advance for your convenience

You may be wondering what makes the Extensions Plus range different. It is the fact that everything is pre-planned.

All of the elements are pre-approved by Building Regulations, as much of the extension is pre-manufactured and you will be given a quote prior to installation – it is these factors that make Extensions Plus the most convenient home improvement solution available on the market.

Less disruption to your daily life

As the extension is pre-approved by Building Regulations and is pre-fabricated to the highest standard, there is far less disruption to your daily life before, during and after the installation.

You won’t have to waste time and hassle figuring out what Building Regulations allow. There will be less onsite mess and the extension will be fitted far quicker than other systems on the market. Extensions Plus offers a convenient and quick home improvement.

Benefits for your home, inside and out:

  • Choose from 3 designs – customised for your needs
  • Columns with insulated core – warm even in Winter
  • Super thermally efficient – 5 x more than similar brick extensions
  • Choice of roof options – glazed or solid tiles
  • Sleek aesthetics – suitable for any home

What about energy efficiency?

Mottram Plus Energy Efficiency Figures

Mottram Plus Energy Efficiency Figures

Harlington Plus Energy Efficiency Figures

Harlington Plus Energy Efficiency Figures

Tatton Plus Energy Efficiency Figures

Tatton Plus Energy Efficiency Figures