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Fascias and Soffits

Fascias and Soffits


Elitis offers a wide range of fascia/reveal liners and full replacement and new-build fascias in a choice of styles, sizes and colours to suit any building design and to improve the overall façade and performance of the property.

Choose from plain, ogee, square-edged or round nosed fascia boards in 8mm and 10mm widths for capping or supported installations, as well as larger 15mm, 18mm and 25mm full replacement/new build boards for the perfect installation, every time.

All fascia systems come complete with matching corners, joiners and end caps, and a selection of roofline accessories to add the finishing touches. In addition to the three popular décor mouldings, we now offer two new scalloped decorative fascias in convex and concave styles for quick, easy and stylish applications.

Some profiles can also be used as window boards and installed internally or externally as new/replacement window capping or as reveal liners.


Soffits are an integral part of the roofline system, enclosing and protecting the underside of the roof ledge, while providing ventilation to the inner roof area to minimise the risk of trapped, moist air. They provide a highly effective and visually appealing long-term solution to regular maintenance.

We offer a solid 10mm general-purpose board in a range of sizes and colours from 100mm to our newest 605mm board which is particularly useful for deep soffit application or large box-end construction. It’s also available pre-vented for even quicker and easier soffit installation and a seamless finish.

Hollow soffit is another popular choice with installers because of its attractive panelled effect and installation friendly tongue and groove profile. The hollow soffit range comes in a choice of 100mm, 250mm and 300mm widths with accompanying ventilation accessories if required.