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Roof Windows

Roof Windows

Many people are converting their lofts as a way of utilising the extra space in their home, rather than moving. Elitis pivot roof windows can be installed into a loft space, letting light flood in and turning it into a bright and airy additional room in your house.

Where space is limited and a specific design is needed, Elitis roof windows are ideal. The window opens on a pivot so won’t it won’t intrude into your home when trying to get more fresh air into a property, and has much more glass than a regular window, letting more light in.

Intelligent technology maximises living comfort through lots of light, easy access to the roof window and an unobscured view. Windows are easy to operate with a convenient single-handed operation at the bottom.

Market leading roof windows from ROTO

The Elitis range of roof windows uses the ROTO window system – the go-to supplier of high quality products. ROTO roof windows from Elitis utilise the latest advances in material. Choose from either natural timber, PU-coated pine and PVCu that is reinforced with steel.

Natural timber

You can’t beat the look of genuine timber for roof windows. Add character and style – all whilst benefiting from the natural thermal performance of wood.

PU-coated pine

The timber core provides excellent thermal efficiency, and the PU-coating enhances durability – ensuring the windows will stay looking as good as new for years to come, even in rooms prone to humidity.

Steel reinforced PVCu

Modern PVCu is very energy efficient and will help to retain heat within living spaces. The steel reinforcement makes for a smooth, easy to clean finish – PVCu roof windows are therefore a practical solution for bathrooms and other spaces where regular maintenance is difficult. PVCu finishes include White, Golden Oak and Pine, making it easy to add character with your windows.

Why choose roof windows from Elitis?

  • Smooth finish for stylish aesthetics
  • High level of security
  • Highly resilient hinges and seals
  • Responsibly sourced timber, natural pine or modern PVCu
  • Energy efficient – regardless of material
  • Easy to maintain – simply wipe over
  • Ideal for attics and other living spaces


The Elitis range is manufactured using modern materials and techniques, offering you quality PVCu and aluminium products which are built to last a lifetime. To give you further peace of mind when it comes to choosing home improvement products for your home, all Elitis windows come with a 15 year written guarantee.

Elitis | 15 Year Guarantee